Gerald Summers and Makers of Simple Furniture

I recall that, when I first started selling books, a client asked for trade catalogues by Gerald Summers and “Makers of Simple Furniture”. I have to admit that I have never found one in the years I have been selling  books  but keep on looking and I have come across adverts and references to this firm and its founder, Gerald Summers, who seems to have known more that most about how to make a chair or table from plywood.  Renowned for his ability to construct from a single sheet of birch plywood  a chair and make all kinds of furniture from the product, his furniture rather that his name and that of his wife and partner Marjorie Summers, is more often recognized and associated with art deco, Alvar Aalto and the concept of “Furniture from Machines”, popularized by the book by Gordon Logie of that name.

Now a new generation Furniture Company “1934” run by Abel Sloane and Ruby Woodhouse have produced a beautifully crafted book with photographic illustrations of some of the main pieces made by the firm. This lovely books is for sale at our shop and can be sent out to you if you would like a copy. Please contact us directly to make an order.