We have always sold garden design books at the business and so we are excited to be part of the upcoming weekend events being held in York to celebrate 250 Years of the Ancient Society of York Florists, the oldest society of its kind in the world and which has been important  keeping fashionable flowers in the public eye through its shows. Our contribution to this celebration is an art show in collaboration with Lotte Inch Gallery “The Ephemeral Nature of Flowers”. This is the first collaboration between our enterprises. Part I, at Lotte’s gallery features wonderful work of the acclaimed artist Rebecca Louise Law.  At no 8, next door, in Part II, there is a mixed art show of contemporary and recent artists who have used flowers as their subject. Artists include Barnett Freedman, John Nash and Derrick Greaves among others. There are also wonderful photographs by Peter Heaton, whose suite of work here is inspired by Karl Blossfeldt. Come along and look. The Bloom Festival runs 5-8 July. The bookshop show, along with Lotte Inch’s show runs to 28th July.