Two autographed letters signed on postcards by [SCARFE, Norman]

Two autographed letters signed on postcards and two photographs with annotations


ALS to Gavin Stamp dated 29 May 2004 and 22 June 2004 1. Written on the back of a postcard featuring Leeds, St Johns the Evangelist with PS note mentioning it was to be totally refurbished from 17th July. Text concerns recollections, the architect J H Parker in the initial lines but moves on to Normandy churches recalled from when Scarfe was there in the war. Recounts the murder of 20 Canadian POWS at the HW of Kurt Meyer in WWII and his subsequent death in prison after the Nuremberg Trials. 2. Second Card, written from 3 Burkitt Road, Woodbridge when he sent Gavin Stamp the two photographs which are of Calvados. These were sent to thank him for sending a copy of the JSAH article on High Victorian Gothic.

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