Vorbildliche Glasmalereien aus dem späten Mittelalter und der Renaissancezeit by…

Vorbildliche Glasmalereien aus dem späten Mittelalter und der Renaissancezeit by Königliche Akademie des Bauwesens in Berlin < >

Vorbildliche Glasmalereien aus dem späten Mittelalter und der Renaissancezeit

Berlin Ernst Wasmuth 1911-13

[22] pp text, 12 plates. Large loose leaf folio (650×480mm). Lettered boards, quarter cloth. Gothic script. This publication by the the Royal Academy of Construction Engineering in Berlin was intended as a serial publication to illustrate exceptional examples of medieval and renaissance stained glass from the turn of the 15th to the 16th century. Four parts of four plates, each along with a short introduction to each window, was planned. This folio comprises the first three parts dated 1911, 1912 and 1913. Housed in the folio with 1911 on the upper board. Each part was published in wrappers. The three parts are complete with tissue guards. A final part, called for, was published in 1917 not present. Part I: [7 sheets] titlepage, general introduction, introduction to plates 1-4, 4 plates: (Fenster aus dem nördlichen Seitenschiffe des Domes zu Köln) window in the northern side aisle of the dome in Cologne. Part II: [7 sheets] titlepage, introduction to the plates 5-8, 4 plates:(Fenster aus dem nördlichen Querflügel der Kollegiatskirche des hl. Michael und der hl. Gudula in Brüssel) window in the north trancept of the collegiate church of St Michael and St Gudula in Brussels. Part III: [8 sheets] titlepage, introduction to plate 9, plate, introduction to plate 10, plate, introduction to plates 11-12, 2 plates. Plate 9: (Fenster der Stürtzelkapelle im Chore des Freiburger Münster) window in the Stürtzel-chapel of the Minster in Freiburg; plate 10: (Das St-Annen-Fenster im Alexander-Chörlein des Freiburger Münsters) the window of St Anne in the Alexander-Chörlein of the Minster in Freiburg; plates 11-12: (Fenster im Chore der Stiftskirche Unserer Lieben Frau zu Kyllburg) choir window in the church of Our Lady in Kyllburg. Part IV [not present] Plate13: (Rathaus in Emden. Fenster der Waffenhalle) city hall in Emden, window of the armoury; plates 14-15: (Nürnberg. Lorenzkirche, Fenster im Chor) Nuremberg, choir window in the church of St Lawrence; plate 16: (Soest. Patroklikirche, Fenster im südlichen Querschiff) Soest, window in the south trancept of the church of St Patrokli. 650 by 480mm (25½ by 19 inches).

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