Tis always morning somewhere in the World by [SUNDIALS] PILKINGTON…

Tis always morning somewhere in the World The patent Helio-chronometer 9 Universal sun-dial

Preston Pilkington & Gibbs Limited nd c1910

35pp catalogue illustrated with b/w line illustrations and including two perforated order forms on last two pages. Unused. Decorated wrappers. A little dusty else good catalogue. Prices given for the various designs. Loosely inserted 4pp folded typescript explaining the process of measuring time using a sundial. Attractive catalogue. On title page pink cancellation label indicating the firm taken over by J Casartelli & Son, 18 Brown Street Manchester by the time this item was dispatched. In 1906 Gibbs applied for a patent for a type of sundial he had de-signed—the Universal Equinoctial Mean Time Heliochronometer or Gibbs Heliochronometer for short—which was able to accurately determine GMT to within a minute at any time of the year and at any latitude. List of clients and testimonials form part of this publication indicating the sun dials were supplied world wide. Production ceased around 1914 at the outbreak of World War I.

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