Kojiki of Architecture: Kiko Mozuna Folio XIV by [MOZUNA]

Kojiki of Architecture: Kiko Mozuna Folio XIV

London Architectural Association 1991

10 full-colour single plates, 6b double gate-folds, 20-page illustrated catalogue. Out of print. 320x320mm Overprinted black box. Chris Fawcett wrote about Kiko Mozuna's highly symbolic houses in his book, the New Japanese House. These narratives in concrete preceded, and in many cases inspired, attempts in the West to reinstate a level of profound meaning into the act of building. R Drawing inspiration partly from Shintoism and esoteric Buddhism, and partly from Western ideas and cultural concepts, he combines myth and legend with high technology in his designs. Texts by Peter Wilson, Kiko Mozuna, Feliz Ruiz, Kunihiko Yoshimeki.

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