Thurgarton Priory Estate Map by BEADEL & CO [Messrs]

Thurgarton Priory Estate Map

Nottingham Published Beadel and Co Auctioneers. 1887

Attractive map, varnished and on a scroll between two wooden spools. Size.The map shows the setting and extent of the land and park associated with Thurgarton Priory and its associated house in 1887 when the property was put up for sale. The old priory was taken down in the mid-18th century by J.G. Cooper Esq., who erected the present mansion on its site, the cellars of which are the only portions of the religious sanctuary that now remain. The ancient priory was founded in 1130 by Ralph de Ayncourt, for canons of the order of St Augustine . Squire George Osbaldeston occupied the estate in the early 19th century. Sir John Robinson then bought the estate for his son who was ill, but the son never took possession. Re-offered for sale in 1883, it was subsequently occupied by the Bishop of Southwell in 1894. Boots the Chemists owned the property in the post war period. The map appears to be of the kind usually folded into sale particulars.

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